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Sunday, 16 August 2009

New Poll - What's your favourite Yohanna song?

Hi Guys,

We, at Team Yohanna, would very much appreciate it if you could complete our poll opposite and tell us what your favourite song(s) are from Yohanna's album "Butterflies & Elvis" As you can see, there are a few additional tracks listed there as there are currently two releases of the album. The Icelandic original version (if you're lucky to have it) including "Indian Ropetrick" and "Lose MySelf" and the new Warner release which includes "Is it true?"

The poll will stay open until Yohanna's 19th Birthday on 16th October 2009 when Team Yohanna will wish her a very Happy Birthday and tell her what her fans have voted as their favourite song!


The guys at TY.

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"Vibey, Inspirational Pop with Arrestingly Soulful Vocals" .. "It's all about the voice. It's very pure, very original. She's a star." - British Songwriter Lee Horrocks.

"Yohanna has an amazing voice. You can hear that immediately. She can do anything." - Maria Bjork.

"She is a young, white Icelandic girl with the soul of a fifty year old black woman. She's really amazing" - Thomas Yezzi.

"Yohanna is without a doubt, the next big sensation. Her music will reach into your soul and make your world a more beautiful place." - Bryant McGill.

"Her music can only be described as fresh, captivating, vibey and packed to the brim with soul. The album, 'Butterflies and Elvis' is a masterpiece of harmonious music and beautiful lyrics, performed by a young 18 year old girl with the voice of an angel. She's an up and coming Diva!" - Team Yohanna.

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